Welcome to the DayTradeSafe.com Affiliate Program

Earn $4-8 per click average or more (details below)!

DayTradeSafe.com was created by Michael Guess to share his knowledge of trading through his TradeSafe futures course. You can learn more about Michael and his company here. Affiliates can now earn commission by directing their audience to join Michael for one of his educational webinars.


Upcoming Webinar Events:

  • 09/07/17 (Thursday, 4:30PM ET)
  • 09/21/17 (Thursday, 4:30PM ET)
  • 10/05/17 (Thursday, 4:30PM ET)
  • 10/19/17 (Thursday, 4:30PM ET)
  • 11/02/17 (Thursday, 4:30PM ET)
  • 11/16/17 (Thursday, 4:30PM ET)
  • 12/07/17 (Thursday, 4:30PM ET)
  • 12/21/17 (Thursday, 4:30PM ET)
  • 01/04/18 (Thursday, 4:30PM ET)
  • 01/18/18 (Thursday, 4:30PM ET)

We also have an evergreen process in place that you can mail for any day if the above dates are not good for you.



Michael has one product currently, the TradeSafe Mechanical Trading System, which is a futures day trading course that sells for $1,995 and is comprised of the following benefits package. If you are an affiliate who would like to access a review copy of the course, please contact us (info below). Michael is planning on adding other products and services later in 2015 and 2016 which affiliates will also have the opportunity to earn commission on.

More product details available here in the Cover Letter for affiliates from Michael.

The TradeSafe Mechanical Trading System includes...

  • TradeSafe 111 page full color Reference Guide
  • All-day personal training covering every aspect of the TradeSafe System
  • TradeSafe Webinar Guidelines to help you prepare for the webinar training
  • TradeSafe Business Plan to help you manage your trading as a Business
  • Special invitation link to our virtual Training Room for the Webinar event
  • Free bell to bell access to our Trading Room for another three months
  • Full access to me as your personal Trading Coach
  • Full access to our Trading Room Video Archives. 100s of hours of videos
  • Automated TradeSafe Template Plug-Ins for our Trading Platform
  • TradeSafe Setup Indicators that takes the guesswork out entries/exits
  • TradeSafe Journal Template helps diagnose trading progress
  • Tradesafe Spreadsheet custom-designed to track all the Tradesafe variables
  • State of the art tool helps you neutralize those self-sabotaging discipline issues


Experienced Affiliate Staff:

David J. Kosmider - Affiliate Manager
email: david [at] hillseven [dot] com
cell: 859.327.9437
skype: david.kosmider

You can also contact Michael Guess at:
mguess [at] daytradesafe [dot] com



For over a year, Michael and Eddie have been doing promo swaps with outside lists to bring in leads. Based on the average rate that Michael has able to generate sales from those leads, affiliates should be able to average over $7 per click in affiliate commission. Since creating the affiliate program in fall 2015, most affiliates have already earned $3-6 per click average, and we use lifetime cookies so commissions keep coming in weeks or even months after an affiliate mails for one of Michael's events. This is a thoroughly tested and proven sales process that affiliates will be able to use to generate large commission checks.


Affiliate Program Terms:

– 35% 1st tier (sales from leads referred directly by the affiliate) on all transactions.
– 10% 2nd tier (sales from leads referred by referred affiliates) on all transaction.
– Minimum commission payout: $10

DayTradeSafe.com uses Infusionsoft for all affiliate commission tracking. Tracking is determined by Infusionsoft using email address, cookie, and IP address. The affiliate will have access to reporting on earned commissions. This is a “first-in” program with indefinite cookie length. However, leads in the Infusionsoft database who unsubscribe from that system and have never purchased anything are periodically deleted, which opens up the possibility for any other affiliate to refer them again in the future and earn commission on any sales.

Commissions are paid on a schedule of 70% the month after being earned and the remainder two months after being earned, adjusted for any refunds. Payments will be sent on or before the 15th of each month via PayPal, or by check if requested.

DayTradeSafe.com maintains a NO SPAM policy. All emails promoting DayTradeSafe.com must be compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act and other applicable laws or any commissions generated are subject to forfeiture. Terms subject to change at any time. Affiliates will be notified via email of any updates in these terms.

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