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From the Trading Desk of: Michael Guess

Dear Day Trader:

Yeah, I know, that has to be the craziest way to trade you’ve ever heard. Before you decide I’m a complete idiot, please keep reading.

Are You a Strike-Out Day Trader?

You’ve probably heard Babe Ruth was called the “Home Run King.” That was before steroids. Did you know he was sometimes referred to as the “Strike-Out King?” That’s because he swung for the fences every time at bat. What does that have to do with your trading?

The Answer’s Right In Front of Your Nose

The pros who’ve survived and thrived in the cut-throat game of trading try to lose as little as possible! If you want to trade like a pro, keep your losses under control, have a trading edge and you’ll be a real winner. If you’re not “keeping your eye on the ball” you’ll be asking yourself…

  • Why is it I’ve been swinging for those day trading fences yet my account keeps shrinking?
  • Why isn’t that expensive “trading system” of mine churning out profits like I was promised?
  • Why am I depressed watching my stops get hit, only to grit my teeth as the market reaches that profit target I missed?
  • Why am I still stumbling in the dark, trying one trading method after another?

It’s Time to End the Confusion… Now!

If any of those frustrating experiences have happened to you, I have some good news…

  • You CAN make the money that’s eluded you because I’ll work with you every step of the way on your path to trading success.
  • You WILL learn the hidden secrets the pro traders use to pry those profits loose from the market.
  • You can STOP your needless suffering that losses bring you because you will be IN CONTROL of your emotions with iron clad discipline. A clear and calm mind equips you to take only those laser-guided trades.
  • Imagine being able to RELAX, knowing you’ll never risk more than $100 on a traded contract – usually less!
  • If you were trading the TradeSafe Way, you’d be placing your orders with TOTAL CONFIDENCE as our proven Mechanical System automatically manages and exits your winning trades.
  • The TradeSafe System is a WINNER in any freely traded trending market. You can even multiply your profits when you trade other suitable markets in addition to the minis.

I Can Guide You Through the Minefield

You can learn how to dodge those Day Trading bullets as I coach you through every aspect of trading – soup to nuts! That’s because I learned from my trading mistakes early in my own career. You name it, I took the hit.

It took me awhile before I learned how to “put it all together.” During that tough time I wished I could find a teacher who could show me the ropes. That’s not to say I didn’t have some of the best mentors in the business, not to mention thousands of dollars worth of trading books on my shelves.

You can only get so much from a few hours in a training session. What I wanted was someone to follow up with me, correct my mistakes and keep me on track.

Knowing what not to do can save you a LOT of time and money as you go up your learning curve.

Enroll in the TradeSafe Day Trading Course and You Get to…

  • Tap into the mind of a 18-year veteran who’s trained thousands of students in the SAFE way of scoring those winning trades.
  • Inject the trading DNA of a successful Coach into your current Day Trading methods.
  • NEUTRALIZE those costly behaviors that cost you money. You’ll stick to your plan!
  • Apply simple yet powerful psychological techniques that remove those trading barriers. A Trading Coach should be able to help you create and maintain a winning attitude.

What Else Do I Bring to the Table?

In addition to other qualifications too numerous to mention, I have taught Day Trading at a nationally-recognized university.

I am also President of a National Educational Association for Traders.

I have both position-traded as well as been a Day Trader in a wide variety of markets: stocks, warrants, ETFs, options, futures and commodities, as well as forex.

I am a professional trainer and am Certified in the use of a variety of performance-enhancing techniques: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as well as other modalities.

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[headline_tahoma_centered size=”34″ color=”000000″]Don’t Just Take My Word For It…[/headline_tahoma_centered]

“That was a terrific coaching / support session you put on this morning. Having been associated with other “chat” rooms, I truly appreciate the difference and the attention that you give and all the work that you do for your participants.”“You are terrific at leading a meeting and staying focused and have helped me clarify my trading goals more precisely today.”“Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I think I appreciate your hard-nosed approach for putting people on the spot and really trying to work with them to get them to think and how to do this successfully.”“I just wanted you to know that since I have been involved in the trading business (now going on 4 years), you seem to be one of the most sincere and best coaches that I’ve had the pleasure to meet.”“GOOD NEWS THAT GIVES ME NEW HOPE IN TRADING THE RUSSELL MINIS THE TRADESAFE WAY… I did exactly as your scale-out strategy calls for me to do today… so it was a $290 winner (2 contracts)!!!”Thomas H
“Needless to say, all your classes are great and teach a lot of good things that will help me be a good trader. The only thing I wish was that I had known about the classes sooner. I could have already been a good trader making a lot of money. Your classes are great and you’re a great instructor. Thanks Michael for all the great knowledge.”

John H

“It was perfectly designed to augment my previous trading background… Because we did it as a webinar, I was able to concentrate more fully on the material. I like the way the class was organized. Progressing from moderately advanced to more advanced.”

“Your explanations and teaching style are wonderful. You’re always right there with us, asking if there are questions, going back to hard-to-reach charts, answering every question as fully as possible. And you make sure each student is drawn in, not left out. You make each person feel special.”

“Thanks so much, Michael. You’ll never know how my finding you has turned my life around!”

Suzanne K

“I just wanted to say again how much I enjoy your Trading Room. Every one I’ve been to so far, I’ve had a light bulb moment. It’s almost like the missing pieces to a puzzle I’ve been trying to put together”

Phyllis K

“You have stripped away all of the bows and wrappings of so many other courses… and by utilizing trend on multiple timeframes as the confirming reason to trade you have established minimal rules to maximize profits keeping risk to under $100. And it works!”

“(The Most valuable idea or concept I learned was)…Making the student focus on the pivot structure of lower and higher timeframes so that one always knows what the odds are of putting on a trade at any moment in time.”

“(The presentation of the material by the Instructor was Very Useful because)…. By laying the proper foundation, the live examples were just an extension of what was initially taught. Michael made certain each step was understood before going to the next level. He listens to the questions and makes them relevant to the entire presentation.”

“(The value of the Manual in understanding Day Trading is)… The Manual is complete and well thought out. Read it once, read it a second time and underline the key points, outline those points…that is your trading roadmap…Great job.”

Loren D

“Thank you again for opening up the world of Technical Analysis to us. I haven’t seen another method so pure as yours. You offer so many “gems” and your market analysis gets me grounded.”

“Michael, during market congestion in the chat session this morning, you said you thought the major traders wanted to bring the market down in a big way. Within 20 minutes the market was down 10 points… wow!”

Lynn B

“I would like to thank you for your guidance. At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to Day Trade by the end of the year. I think I’ve made a good decision taking the TradeSafe route. You do a good job with taking your students by the hand and walking them through the steps. I feel like I’m ready to go forth with the rest of my plan.”

Mark McK

“Thanks for your help in the past. It has been extremely beneficial. I have really enjoyed your coaching, in fact it has really been revolutionary. The stock market has so many facets, conditions, people, circumstances, etc. As a trader begins and continues on the journey to make his way thru the maze of learning how to trade, coaching helps eliminate the things that really are not a priority. That is where your experience as a coach proves invaluable. In one comment you can help a trader narrow his focus and prevent him from having to spend years in the learning curve. You have done these things for me, Michael, and I appreciate it”

Mark K

“Thank you Michael, this is tremendously helpful!!”

Laurel E


[headline_tahoma_left size=”34″ color=”000000″]So What’s In It For You?[/headline_tahoma_left]

My students say I over-deliver on everything I offer. Here’s just a few of the Features and Benefits you’ll get from the TradeSafe Day Trading Webinar and Course:

  • A step-by-step SIMPLE SYSTEM that gets you from your current level of trading frustration to that of an in-control, winning trader who trades SAFELY.
  • You’ll read the markets like a roadmap because you’ll be able to UNCOVER the hidden structure within your charts.
  • No more guesswork – you’ll know EXACTLY where and when to enter your trades. Your entry price and protective stop are known before you pull the trigger.
  • You can RELAX during your trades because you can trust them to be automatically managed and exited by our pre-programmed state-of-the-art order entry platform.
  • Stay in the Trading Game SAFELY when you limit losses to $100 or less per traded contract.
  • Imagine picking your own times to trade, generating substantial monthly returns from trading only a FEW HOURS each day.
  • Zoom in on those WINNING TRADES with our custom-designed, proprietary charting indicators and templates.
  • Why risk those hard-earned dollars trying to avoid making those beginner’s mistakes? Before you take your “training wheels” off, try out our techniques in a realistic simulation environment (SIM TRADING). Learn to “push the buttons” with confidence as you watch your skill levels grow into consistency.
  • Typically, when you buy a system all you’ll get are some trading rules to follow and not much else. Our comprehensive 130+ page, full color REFERENCE MANUAL offers a wide-ranging array of topics designed to get you into the Winner’s Circle.
  • Let a trading veteran Coach you as you trade along with him in a state-of-the-art VIRTUAL TRADING ROOM. Watch his real-time trading on your monitor – all in the comfort of your Home Office.
  • Let me watch YOU in real time so I can guide you to those winning trades.
  • Lean on my personal SUPPORT to ensure you master every aspect of the TradeSafe Way of Trading. You always have the option of continuing your Trading Room access on a month-to-month basis.
  • Apply these techniques successfully to any trending market, from the eminis to commodities, currencies, bonds, and forex.

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Grab These FREE Bonuses!

  • Free 30-day trial of a powerful, fully-equipped Charting Application.
  • Free 30-day trial of a professional-grade real-time Data Feed.
  • Free 30-day trial of a fully-automated, programmable Order Entry Platform.
  • Free TradeSafe Business Plan to keep you on track as a Trading Business.

And, as the old saying goes, Much, much more…!


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Reach for Your Phone or Send That Email!

As your Trading Coach I’ll personally answer each and every email I receive. I’ll spend all the time you need on the phone with you until you are satisfied. And, if you’re calling me for the first time after reading this, you can relax because I don’t twist arms or engage in hype. Let’s sit down together and find out exactly what’s been stopping you from being the successful trader you want to be.

Call me at 512-267-1492 or email me at mguess@daytradesafe.com so I can answer all of your questions. I’m confident you’ll soon agree the TradeSafe Way of Trading is your ticket to Day Trading Success.

I look forward to personally coaching you to your Day Trading Success!

Michael Guess
Your Trading Coach for Success