Here's the PROBLEMS Traders Face...

  • Buying Indicators Hoping They Will Guarantee Success. Indicators Alone Are NOT A Complete Solution.
  • Buying Another Course Hoping It Will Finally Work. Incomplete/Unstructured Training Won't Deliver Consistent Results.
  • Trading Without Discipline. Only Rules-Based Trading Allows For Consistent Profits.

Here's the TradeSafe SOLUTION...

  • Exclusive Mechanical System Provides Framework for Success
  • You Graduate From Our Structured Course as a Benchmarked Professional Trader
  • Consistent Rules-Based Trade Entries, Management and Automated Exits = Consistent Profits

Precisely Time Your Trading Entries and Exits -- Mechanically!

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Here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive. Just click the little  "+"  button to expand the answer.  To get ALL of your questions answered, be sure to watch the video above.

What markets does it work on? +

It works on all trending markets. I show you in the webinar with futures/commodities. We trade just two markets in the course, as these are ones you can immediately make money on.  Once you graduate the course you can expand to additional markets if you want, because the system works in all trending markets.

What platform does it work on? +

If you want to be a professional, you must use professional tools, and this is what we know works.  We've used every platform over the last 23 years and NinjaTrader is the best for professional day trading. It's a pro-level tool. 

Do You have a trading room? +

We are different from other 'Trading Rooms' out there because they have hundreds of people who are there to piggyback on some guru's trades, rather than learning how to do the trades for themselves. Instead, we have a live Coaching Room, segmented by our students' experience level, where we provide personal coaching to every single person in the room.