Day trading can be a very profitable undertaking. But, to day trade commodities, futures, Forex, or stocks you need to have money. This means that as you start out you keep your day job while you learn how to trade, manage a trade station, and exercise the discipline needed to make day trading a profitable venture. If your day job does not pay well enough to support you as you begin your day trading career you need to take a different approach. You need one of the day trader jobs where you earn a salary trading for someone else.

How to Day Trade With a Full Time Job

If you have a full time job and want to day trade part time this is possible. One important thing is to be clear about whether your trading will be part time or occasional or casual. Successful day trading takes discipline. Casual or occasional trading tends not to be profitable. Because the most profitable times to trade stocks, futures, or Forex tend to be at the start and end of the respective trading sessions, many day traders work at these times and do not necessarily day trade the rest of the time. If you can arrange you regular work hours and day trading hours so that there is not conflict, this generally works out well.

Is “Day Trader” a Job?

If you want to day trade for a salary, is that possible? Is “day trader” a job? First, when you are day trading real futures or stocks with real money you need to treat day trading as a job or suffer the consequences. If you work as a day trader for someone else it certainly is a job as well. If you are not successful at day trading with your own money you will lose it. If you are not successful at day trading when you work for someone else you will not have a job. Many successful independent day traders started working for someone else, learned their skills, and then went solo.

Quitting Job to Day Trade

Quitting your job to day trade when you are going to trade for someone else simply means exchanging one paycheck for another. Quitting your job to day trade when you are going solo means you will need money to trade with. This is why many who want to day trade start by trading part time and only quit their day job when they are making enough money day trading to support themselves and their families. Not only should a person be routinely making money day trading in order to make this jump but they should also have a cash reserve as a backup in case they have a bad streak of trading.

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Day Trader Job Description

A day trader is responsible for executing trades and making prices in bonds, equities, foreign exchange, and commodities. This work is typically done for the benefit of and on behalf of an investment bank, asset management firm, private equity firm, or hedge fund. Day traders can work in financial centers like New York or London or can work remotely as they watch market conditions and both buy and sell equities, bonds, commodities, or futures within the same trading day.

Job Title for a Day Trader

This is a list of job titles for positions in day trading.

  • Pro Trader
  • Energy Trader
  • Full Time Trader
  • Market Trader
  • Independent Trader
  • Execution Trader
  • Salaried Trader
  • Day Trader
  • Financial Market Trader
  • Trader
  • Financial Trader
  • Experienced Trader
  • Sell side trader
  • Buy side trader
  • Hedge Fund Trader

Depending on the company hiring and the specific tasks involved there may be several variations of these terms but all are involved day trading.

How to Get a Job as a Day Trader

Day trading on your own only requires setting up a brokerage account. But, to get a job as a day trader working for someone else you will need to pass the Series 7 test for your general securities representative license from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. You will also need to pass the Series 63 uniform securities agent state law exam to get a license. Most employers require at least a bachelor’s degree in economics, business, statistics, mathematics, or finance and more-commonly a master’s degree in business administration. Successful traders who do not have a university background may be able to demonstrate their skill set to gain employment.

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Remote Day Trader Jobs

Even before Covid-19 sent everyone home from the office to work remotely there were remote day trader jobs. Because day trading is done at a computer work station with an advanced trading platform like Ninja Trader, it can be done anywhere with a secure internet connection. Remote day trader employees will typically be networked into their company so that they can communicate with other employees on a secure basis and so that their supervisor can monitor their work.

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