Day trading can be highly profitable. But to be successful as a day trader, one needs to learn how to effectively enter, manage, and exit trades like we teach at DayTradeSafe. The trading world is full of day trading tips. It is important to pick and choose which tips to follow in your quest for day trading profits. The best tips have to do with learning how to trade, what to trade (commodity futures versus stocks), when to trade (market timing), and tax consequences of your day trading. The last set of tips to pay attention to have to do with specific stocks, commodities, or currency pairs.

Day Trading Tips for Beginners

The best day trading tips for beginners do not have to do with someone’s opinion about a specific currency pair, stock, or commodity. The best day trading tips for beginners have to do with how to successfully trade year in and year out. Day trading is a business. Traders need to be realistic about potential profits. To run a successful day trading business need to set aside sufficient time for training, sufficient funds, and simulation trading to get started. It is important to realize that knowledge is power, limit orders are essential, and penny stocks can be dangerous.

Tips for Day Trading Crypto

The crypto world has attracted many novice day traders because of the belief that profits can be easy and huge. The unfortunate truth is that there are aspects of the crypto world that make day trading dangerous. Bitcoin day trading is common, which makes it seem that trading volume is much higher than it really is. This makes technical trading of Bitcoin inaccurate and dangerous as a trader is led to believe that many other traders are jumping into the market and going to push the price up when that is not the case. The other issue with crypto is that the huge amount of hype can lead a novice trader into taking unwise positions and then losing everything.

Day Trading Psychology Tips

The twin demons that plague day traders are fear and greed. FOMO or fear of missing out has been a problem that drives day traders back into losing markets. Fear that higher interest rates meant to calm inflation will cause a recession drives traders to take continually negative positions. For years traders acted on greed and drove prices higher than fundamentals warranted. The best way to deal with trading psychology is to follow market sentiment indicators like the VIX for stock options and assume a contrarian stance when fear or greed take trading to its extremes.

Day Trading Options Tips

Options give a day trader the ability to both leverage their trading capital and hedge risk in their trades. You are trading wheat futures which have been driven higher due to the war in Ukraine. Not only have prices gone higher but they can be more volatile. Using appropriate options strategies a trader can limit risk in return for limits on profits. An options trader can buy contracts to buy (a call) or sell (a put) if they choose. The trader will do so only if price action in the market moves as expected. This approach requires less trading capital than directly buying or selling commodity futures, stocks, or currency pairs. However, trading option is a skillset to learn on top of standard day trading such as we teach at DayTradeSafe.

Day Trading Tax Tips

Day trading of stocks, currencies, or commodities can all be profitable. However, when trading one commonly experiences losses as well as gains. Something that new traders need to realize is that tax treatment of losses is markedly different for commodity futures as opposed to stocks. Deductions for day trading losses for stocks are limited to $3,000 by the IRS. Day trading losses for commodity futures have no such limit. The point is that while you want to keep your gains larger than your losses you need to be able to deduct those losses on your taxes which is something that we teach day traders at DayTradeSafe.

Tips to Start Day Trading

What you do not want to do when starting to day trade is to immediately make a trade based on a tip from a friend. What you want to do is to learn how to day trade. At DayTradeSafe we teach day trading and those who complete our course are benchmarked professional day traders. Our traders learn the ropes, only trade in simulation until they routinely make paper profits, and then start small and build only as they demonstrate success.

Best Day Trading Tips

The best tips for day trading have to do with how you trade and not with specific trading opportunities. Markets can be fickle and even the best-intended tip can end up causing huge losses. Learning how to pick, enter, manage, and exit trades professionally is the best way to trade. Learning which market to pick based on tax advantages and issues like the pattern day trader issue with stocks is likewise important. If you do subscribe to a service that provides trading tips please check them out before putting your own money at risk!

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