There are many potentially successful intraday trading strategies. The first key to success is to choose the right strategy for the right market when trading commodity futures, stock, or currencies. The next is to have learned the necessary discipline needed to effectively enter, manage, and exit intraday trades with routine profits. At DayTradeSafe we teach an exclusive mechanical system that provides day traders with the right framework for successful intraday trading.

Intraday Breakout Trading Strategy

An intraday breakout trading strategy looks for commodity futures, stocks, or securities that have been trading within a narrow range and then move up or down out of that range. Profits are made as the equity continues to move in the direction of the breakout. When entering such trades it is important to immediately set stop losses in order not to be caught in an immediate reversal. In general, this approach works well in markets where there are few news events that suddenly drives prices up or down.

Intraday Reversal Trading Strategy

Generally, looking for trends to reverse is the work of swing traders but day traders can also profit from an intraday reversal strategy that spots quick market reversals that occur throughout the day. This type of trading relies on brief shifts in market sentiment and is too brief to be driven by fundamentals. Day traders use technical indicators and short time frames in order to spot reversals, stay with them as a minitrend runs its course and then get out. This sort of trading takes discipline as the day trader enters, manages, and exits trade after trade with profits.

Intraday Option Trading Strategy

There are several commonly used and potentially successful intraday option trading strategies. These range from a momentum trading strategy to a reversal trading strategy, breakout trading strategy, gap and go trading strategy or moving average crossover strategy. In each case a successful day trader is one who assesses the market, find the commodity future, stock, or currency pair most likely to generate trading profits and enters, manages, and exits trades with discipline.

Intraday Forex Trading Strategies

Successful intraday trading strategies when trading foreign currencies are generally the same approaches that day traders use for commodity futures and stocks. One thing that is different is that the “day” in which the day trader trades may be different, depending on if they trade the New York, Tokyo, London or other markets. The factors that drive a given currency pair are the economies of the nations whose currencies are in the pair and the policies of both the governments and central banks of those countries. Actions by central banks occur during daytime hours in the nations involved. As such the “day” during which a day trader trades forex will typically be daytime hours for that market.

Advanced Intraday Trading Strategies

As a rule, advanced or complicated intraday trading strategies do not necessarily generate the sorts of returns one might expect based on the extra effort involved in executing them. At DayTradeSafe we teach an exclusive mechanical system that provides an excellent framework for success in day trading. We teach the skills required to become a benchmarked professional trader with the discipline to choose, enter, manage, and exit trades successfully, again and again.

Automated Intraday Trading Strategies

Automated intraday trading is also known as algorithmic trading. A computer program follows a carefully designed set of instructions including price, timing, quantity of a trade, and one or more mathematical models. In an ideal world, this approach takes what the day trader knows and how they always react to changing market conditions and executes trades more rapidly than a human can do. In the real world there is always a faster computer. Much day trading takes place in dark pools. As a rule, an automated intraday trading system needs to have human eyes on the process to assure that the original intent of the trader in charge is being carried out by the automated system.

Best Intraday Trading Strategy

The best intraday trading strategy is the one that works best for you. It should not be excessively complicated, time consuming, or risky. On the other hand, it should reliably generate enough profit as you progress through the day to make your day trading worth the time, effort, and trading capital that you are bringing to the job. Basic strategies like momentum and reversal trading can provide ample opportunity for day trading profits without excessive effort or risk. In all cases, discipline is required to successfully enter, manage, and exit trades one after another.