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"It has been a great positive experience so far to work with Michael Guess and his TRADESAFE system.

Before working with the TRADESAFE program I joined several other trading programs but nothing compares with what I got with this program that really took my trading experience and confidence to a next level.

It is a very well structured and detailed program that allow you to increase your odds of being profitable in the trades that you attempt and by following the rules that are set in the TRADESAFE system.

The support and assistance that I got from Michael for the entire program is just phenomenal and you can feel that he really cares for the success of each of his members.

The live coaching sessions are also excellent for you to consolidate the concepts of the program and to increase your confidence level when you start trading with your real money.

The program has all the elements to make you a profitable trader and act like a real professional trader.

I just completed the benchmarking process, that is kind of unique in all the programs that I did so far, where together with Michael you go through the details of all your simulated trades and you can custom the program to your style of trading and that also increases your chances of being profitable when trading real money.

I am glad that I found Michael and the TRADESAFE system and can’t wait to make real money using his system. Thanks again Michael for all your support."

- Eduardo Guimaraes


I have spent thousands of dollars on other systems for trading futures but yours is the only one that produces consistent, reliable results. After the initial training period, I have been able to make better trading decisions. No other system has ever come close to these results. This is amazing! Thanks for a great product and being the best coach a trader could have."

- Marc Grimm

"Right!  Not the first error I made today.

I just finished with the day's trading, and found myself showing improvement in spite of a couple of glitches (e.g., forgetting to set the ATM strategy after reinstalling the template for each of the charts).  Nonetheless, improvement on my first day of trading is encouraging for this newbie.  I expect to do better once I learn to drive on my side of the road and not on the sidewalks.

I find your system to be truly impressive."

- Chuck G

"Thanks Michael,

The beauty of this system is its simplicity and it’s rules based.  Just need to be disciplined to follow the rules.  Doing good here."

- Jim H

"Morning Michael!

You were in top form last night.

Really great work on your talk about Terry’s indicator last night.

Thanks for disseminating your policy on its distribution.

That was a nice, open discussion on Mike’s question about ATM for $5,000 markets.

You Sir are a great coach!."

- Curt S

"I just want to express my deep gratitude for your efforts on my part, and for ultimately fixing the problem.  A true miracle in my mind. I thought it would have to wait until I got back! Not so, and what a pleasant surprise. My prayers (no kidding!!) were more than answered! I have never experienced such a level of service and dedication, long distance in the trading business.  It is truly remarkable and very refreshing.  Thank you ever so much!

I hope you have a great weekend.  All things being equal, I look forward to seeing you in the Trading Room on Monday.

And once again, I cannot say it too much thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

- Nimmi B

"Hi Mike....I had an amazing week without any help...I love the room, but I needed to do it by myself. It has been a huge learning experience and I am so proud of myself. Happy Easter My friend ...hugs!

I rewarded myself for all my hard work."

- C Wick

"Michael... As you saw my setup needed some help rather badly.  I did go to Grant several times but  the results were not was needed. I also fumbled my way through some of it. The setup needed more than was available without your assistance.

Thank you for staying with me to get the job done.  You went over the top in helping me and I appreciate it."

- Robert J.

"Hi Michael,

Still doing well. I took two error trades last Thursday where I took a chance near context lines. I then realized I was feeling over confident, and I was physically fatigued (putting in long, unexpected hours at the coffee shop). Both errors lost, else I wouldn’t have learned my lesson, now, would I? Including all trades since our phone conversation on 4/1, over 7 trading days, trading TF, 6E, 6J and NG.


- Vince P

"Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for creating this course. It has given me great lessons on how professional traders make money from the market. It very accurately highlights the importance of having a statistical advantage while trading. Apart from the education, I would like to commend Michael on his thorough and dedicated approach to coaching. Not only does he go out of his way to ensure we understand his trading system, he also touches on little but important & specific details like internet speed, computer RAM, desktop vs laptop, time zone, overtrading, what brokerage to use etc etc. It is truly the course with all substance and no fluff. And once again, Michael's dedication to his students - there's just no comparison."

- Daniel Kwok

"I've taken a few courses on trading. Michael's is the best because of two elements that he has set up. If you're going to take Michael's course, prepare to work a little harder than other courses, but also realize you will get greater benefit by completing his course especially in regards to these two elements.

1. He has what I believe to be one of the best system for trade entries. And, while he doesn't," make anybody practice," you'd better practice because of the benchmarking at the end of the course.

2. His course includes the software for a number of automated exits which helps ensure (and trains the student) on low risk strategies. (here again, practice)

The course is called Trade Safe for a reason because the best way to trade the markets is to concentrate not only on reward but also on risk and his automated exits minimize your risk.

Why practice?

The Trade safe courses are set up like a school. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior. Junior and Senior classes culminate to benchmarking, where your results are fine tuned and journaled.

And, in the end, the benchmarking process offers a personalized mentoring component that I have not seen in any other of the classes I've taken.

Thanks Michael!"

- Tom H

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