Welcome to TradeSafe!

The last several weeks have seen the markets surge and drop several times each day due to trading volatility. For those of you who nursed your 401K retirement plans over the years you saw much of your efforts go up in smoke.

At TradeSafe, this day-to-day uncertainty bears little resemblance to how we see trading opportunities. Because our time horizon is measured in minutes rather than days, we’re not vulnerable to the unknowns of what can happen over night.

Day trading has become, ironically, the safest mode of trading. Holding an overnight position now carries large risks that many swing traders find unacceptable.

If you have a proven, mechanical day trading system that keeps your risk low even during periods of high volatility, you can exploit those same wild market gyrations that longer-term traders avoid.

Are you looking to break away from the daily drudgery of trying to squeeze a buck by trading your time for money? Has today’s economy got you worrying about your financial security?

For those who aren’t afraid to take charge of their own financial destiny there is a way you can leverage your resources to multiply what you are currently producing — and you are in control.

My name is Michael Guess and I am the President of TradeSafe, LLC. I have developed the TradeSafe Day Trading System and Training Program to be a powerful and sophisticated method of day trading the markets that even beginners can use successfully.

In more than 18 years of trading this System, through boom and bust, I’ve never had to alter its fundamental rules. It’s a robust, fully-disclosed ‘white box’ system that works to steadily make you money while carefully preserving your hard-won capital.

If you don’t preserve your capital you’re out of the game of games.

Most beginners make the mistake that picking entries is the key to successful trading. Professionals believe  that discipline and trade management make the biggest difference in whether you’re going to make or lose money in the long run. Consequently, the TradeSafe Day Trading System is a defensive, mechanical, rules-based day trading system that minimizes losses while steadily building up your profits.

Since a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach ignores the ongoing dynamics of the markets, it’s important to have a System that adapts to those changing conditions.

It inspires confidence knowing that as you go into a trade you’ve correctly assessed the strength-of-trend of your potential trade set up. That translates into making the optimum choice for how to manage and exit your trade.

Is the market trending, but weakly? Take a small bite out of the market. Are all of our cycles-tuned timeframes trending together? Select one of the TradeSafe strategies that milk that trend for all it’s worth.

And once you’ve pulled the trigger, the automated software templates I provide will take over and place your protective stop and profit target orders in an OCO (order cancels order) bracket. In beginner’s terms, this means that you get to sit back and let the software take over.

If you’ve chosen one of the exit strategies that calls for it, our algorithm will automatically move your stop (cancel/replace) from its original location to break-even (where you entered) plus a tick of profit. This insures you have winners a higher percentage of the time. It even pays for commissions if the trade doesn’t quite make it through your profit target.

And THAT really helps with the emotions. Let’s face it, taking the next trade when you just watched a winner turn into a loser can really be difficult.

Speaking of emotions, you can try affirmations, play special CDs, see a therapist, etc. In all of my years of trading I’ve never encountered a tool as powerful and simple to use as the one you’ll receive in the TradeSafe Day Trading Course.

It’s a quick and easy tool that literally reprograms your unconscious, destructive beliefs about your trading. Do you overtrade or have analysis paralysis?

Whatever reason keeps you from simply following a system’s rules, this performance enhancement tool can slash the time it takes to achieve trading consistency. It’s been accepted for decades by mental health professionals and has been used by Olympians, fighter pilots, and anyone who has to perform at their peak under pressure.

When you have a System that offers high expectancy combined with flexible trade management you’ve got a System that produces.

The TradeSafe System is capable of producing an average daily minimum you can safely build on to fulfill your financial goals. Simply increase your position size using accepted money management practice.

A solid system yields those steady singles and doubles, and on days like we’ve had recently — home runs that yield 8% to 10%+ daily profits . All on a two contract basis when trading the financial “minis”. Most beginners shoot for a starting average daily goal of 4% return on their trading account. Bigger profits can be achieved when you trade larger size later.

Because each student’s financial status is different from that of other students there can be a wide range of account sizes being used. And that means a wide range of trade size.  Many of my students are comfortable trading between 4-10 contracts. That means substantially larger average daily yields.

This is all well and good if all you’re thinking about is investing in a winning trading system. But to really take you over the top you’ll want to have a professionally-trained coach that can personally analyze your trades and instruct you on what you may have missed on those trades that didn’t work for you.

I’ll guide you through three phases:

Phase One is the Button Pushing phase where you’ll get acquainted with the System and software, how to correctly place orders and develop an automatic routine as you sim trade. Building a solid foundation now will serve you well when you start trading live.

Phase Two is when you continue sim trading, but build a statistically viable track record that underscores your progress and gives you confidence so that you can safely segue to…

Phase Three:  safely trading your account.

All through this you’ll receive my live coaching support as I review your trades. We’ll trade together in the TradeSafe Trading Room while I answer any and all of your questions. I’m very patient and have answered thousands of questions from my students for nearly a decade.

And remember, it’s a “virtual” room. No need to travel anywhere to learn my powerful techniques. Everything I do on my screen is relayed moment by moment to your screen. And, you and I can talk back and forth as if I was sitting right next to you while you watch me trade.

For those who miss any of my Trading Sessions I maintain a daily Trading Session Archive that has video recordings of that day’s trading. That way you can review what you missed, or replay important sections to really soak up those lessons.

And, if you can’t watch the market every day while you’re doing your sim trading, don’t worry. The special trading software you’ll be using allows you to capture that day’s trading activity so you can play it back after dinner just like you do when you record TV programs and play them back later.

You’ll keep a detailed Trading Journal that you’ll refer to in our Trading Room so I can zero in on what will make the biggest difference in your trading outcomes. It’ll be a habit you’ll continue to cultivate as a feedback device long after you’ve moved beyond TradeSafe.

To see how all of this fits into your financial Big Picture you’ll be referring to your TradeSafe Business Plan. It’s a road map to your financial goals. It also includes an important section on determining your trading loss limitations.

How much draw down will you accept before deciding to stop trading live (and preferably, revert to sim trading to get back in synch with the market)? What maximum daily loss will you accept? What percentage of your total account will you risk on a per trade basis? These are tough questions professionals ask in advance so you they aren’t tempted to react emotionally like amateurs do.

You’ll have your own dedicated liaison assigned to you who will fix problems with our supported trading platform. You can just pick up the phone and receive patient and professional guidance on any problems you have with software, account issues, etc.

Finally, you’ll get unlimited access to the TradeSafe Trading Room every single day, bell to bell, at no extra charge. You’ll be trading in a supportive environment that reinforces what you’ve learned in my Coaching Sessions by encouraging you to team up with fellow TradeSafe Traders. Everyone there practices the KISS Method – Keep It Simple and Safe.

There’s an ad by Ragu spaghetti sauce that used to say “It’s all there.” I’ve designed the TradeSafe Day Trading System and Course to be totally comprehensive. Truly, It’s All There.

As the saying goes, there’s also Much, much, more…

Once you are registered for our upcoming Webinar and Course you will receive

*        TradeSafe 130+ page full color Reference Guide
*        TradeSafe Webinar Guidelines to help you prepare to take full advantage of the Webinar
*        TradeSafe Business Plan to help you manage your trading as a Business
*        Special invitation link to our virtual Training Room for the Webinar event
*        Free bell to bell access to our Trading Room for another three months
*        Full access to me as your personal Trading Coach
*        Full access to Trading Room Video Archives. Hundreds of coaching videos
*        Automated TradeSafe Template Plug-Ins for our Trading Platform
*        NEW TradeSafe Trend Indicator eliminates guesswork about market direction
*        TradeSafe Journal Template helps diagnose your trading progress
*        Tradesafe Spreadsheet tracks all Tradesafe variables
*        State of the art tool helps neutralize those self-sabotaging discipline issues

My students tell me that what they receive far exceeds the true value of the TradeSafe Trading System, Manual, Business Plan, day trading software and datafeed, free software templates that automate your trading, the powerful performance enhancing technique that dissolves trading discipline issues, and finally… my high level professional coaching.

By calling me at 512-267-1492 I will guarantee your seat in our upcoming TradeSafe DayTrading Webinar virtual event that begins your Course.

You’ll have an advantage by starting before the Course’s Webinar. If you have any remaining questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Whatever decision you choose to make, I want you to be comfortable and confident about it.

So, be sure and mark your calendar for any upcoming Saturday. That’s when you’ll join me and a select few traders to learn the Tradesafe Day Trading System in detail during our full-day TradeSafe Day Trading Webinar.

After your graduation you’ll be entering the Tradesafe Trading Room where we’ll start trading together the following week. That’s where you get my personalized Coaching that will turbo-charge your progress.

Stop and think about the many TradeSafe benefits I’ve just shown you in this post and imagine how they’ll put you on track to fulfilling your financial goals. With today’s uncertainties in the markets there has never been a better time to have personal control over your capital by growing it quickly, the TradeSafe Way!