Like many things in life, day trading can be as easy or as difficult as you choose to make it. At Day Trade Safe we teach the skills needed to be a benchmarked professional trader and work to instill discipline needed for routinely successful day trading. When a trader has the right skills, patience, and discipline to wait for the right circumstances to use the right strategy it can look easy. When a trader learns to enter, manage, and exit trades professionally it will be easy for them. Anyone who tries to accomplish the same results without the right training and discipline will typically find only frustration and disappointment. When is day trading easy? It is when you know and apply skills you have learned from a professional with discipline.

Is Day Trading Easy to Learn?

The steps needed to use the exclusive mechanical strategy we teach at DayTradeSafe all make sense. Taken on at a time and with an appropriate amount of study and practice these steps are not difficult to learn. However, learning to day trade successfully takes time, willingness to learn each step to the necessary skill level, and the discipline to avoid diverging from trading plans that work time and time again. The vast majority of profits in day trading are achieved with the same basic strategies. Avoiding the temptation to diverge from what is tried and true can lead to unnecessary difficulties.

Easy Day Trading Strategy

A relatively easy day trading strategy is to identify the leading gainers by percentage each day. This approach can be applied to trading commodity futures, stocks, and foreign currencies. An old saying is that the trend is your friend. Identifying a commodity future moving in a strong trend, entering a trade, setting stop losses, and exiting with a reasonable profit can be done again and again day after day. It is a basic and simple strategy which, when mastered, can reliably produce profits again and again.

Easy Scalping Strategy for Day Trading

The point of scalping is to identify a trading opportunity such as a trend, jump in and jump out with a small profit. Because a day trader is looking for only small profits, they do not need to identify the strongest trends. Rather they can keep their timeframes short enough to profit for normal market fluctuations. As such many traders see a one minute timeframe as an easy scalping strategy for day trading. It is important, once this approach is working, to stay with the plan and not go for longer time frames without reassessing the strategy.

Is It Easy to Make Money Day Trading?

This goes back to what we said at the beginning. If a trader develops the skills, maintains the discipline, and routinely chooses trading situations and strategies with which they are comfortable and which lie within their skill set, making money can seem easy. At DayTradeSafe we teach a reliable system for day trading, the skills to use it, and the discipline to put it all together.

Is Swing Trading Easier Than Day Trading?

Day trading proceeds at a faster pace than swing trading. All day trades are opened, managed, and closed before the end of the trading day. Swing trades play out over days, weeks, or even months. When a swing trader sees an opportunity based on evolving market fundamentals they can commonly be assured that their trade will work out profitably and not worry from minute to minute. On the other hand the swing trader is giving up many profitable trading opportunities the will emerge during the time that a swing trader has placed just one trade.

Easier Pattern Stocks to Trade for Day Trading

The best and easiest stocks for day trading are those that trade at high volume and liquidity. These stocks are large cap, popular stocks traded by many swing traders and day traders. Because the trade at high volume they are most amenable to accurate predictions using technical indicators. Many have predictable patterns or channels in which they trade. As such these stocks can routinely provide day trading profits that may seem easy but generally require attention to the details of successful trading and constant discipline.

Why Is It So Easy to Lose Money Day Trading?

When a day trader learns the necessary tools for trading commodity futures, stocks, or currencies and applies them with discipline they typically generate routine profits. When they succumb to the twin demons of the markets, fear and greed, they tend to diverge from what works time and time again. At such times a trader will panic or become greedy and lose the discipline that has routinely helped them profitably choose, enter, manage, and exit their trades.