TradeSafe Michael Guess

Why is TradeSafe Different From Other Programs On The Market Today?

Trade Safe differs from other day trading vendors and resources…. A LOT.

Day Trade Safe offers a true rules based bully and logic mechanical day trading system.

Most vendors will offer you some combination of indicators, and loosely based rules that are actually quite subjective.

To achieve the true holy grail of trading, consistency itself, you need absolute consistency from entry to exit. No guess work. This system is automated within our software, rather than relying on you to guess whether a condition has actually been met.

To ensure that you master the Day Trade Safe mechanical trading system properly, I want to be your insurance policy. Instead of offering a few videos and minimal support, I want to be in your corner as your master coach. I bring 25 years of professional day trading experience to the day trade safe coaching room, where you will not just piggyback on my trades, but you’ll actually have me actively coaching you through any problems that you’re having until you’re confidently taking the best trades on your own.

I want your user experience to be comprehensive, so I’ve designed an entire course that is structured just like classes in school, where you have to complete each section before you can progress. This ensures that you have real clarity about what you’re learning. No skipping ahead. I supplement this course with powerful tools that will equip you to become a consistently profitable professional day trader.

To give you the confidence and proof that the Day Trade Safe mechanical trading system really works for you, I’ve created a statistically viable benchmarking process at the end of the course. This will give you the confidence that you need to go forward with this system, and start making real money on your own. Typical graduates have achieved an accuracy of at least 87% winners versus losers during their benchmarking process. I’ll go into more detail about each of these distinctions in subsequent podcast, so stay tuned